By Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.
© Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. 2003, 2004, 2005. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. Golden Phoenix Publishing, LLC

Khufu was black. As indicated by this original Head Bust of him below. And the oldest found of him as well. All of those other "fakes", are not him. And are only clever fakes. To also expose this lie, is the fact that Khufu's son Khafre (Chaphren) is also indicated as a Black Man. In his original Statue above. Now just notice Khufu's Broad Negro Nose. As well as his Negro Lips and Rounded Negro Face. This is not the Head Bust of some White Man. It's the Head Bust of a Black Man. The Black Man who built the Great Pyramid in Egypt. And on the left of him, is his son Khafre. Complete with Broad Negro Nose and Negro Lips. Who is not a White Man either. Because no Whites were in, nor around Egypt during their times. The Whites were all in Europe playing in Caves, whilst the Pyramids were being built in Africa.  "AFRICA". Egypt and in the Sudan. Which is in "AFRICA". Not the Middle East.

It is a fact that the Pyramids were built by a Black Peoples. And proof of it is found within the Great Pyramids in Egypt. And even "Tourist" who were allowed to tour the insides of such Pyramids, have claimed how inside the Pyramids all shown the descendants of darker skinned people. As opposed to what they have always seen on television and elsewhere in the White Media. Which were peoples other than Black Peoples. Meaning that they had to go see for themselves, the Original Relief's, Bust, and Statues of Black Peoples inside the Pyramids. So that they could see the lie that the White Media have so told the world. And thus I expose the truth about the Pyramids that has been so white-washed. That Black Peoples were the Pyramid Builders. And "NO" White Peoples are present there. !NONE. Because White Peoples did not build the Pyramids, and Egypt was never a White Country. !Never, !ever, !ever. And to prove that no such peoples, other than our Black Peoples, built the Pyramids in Egypt. Here is a little proof based on "their" white historical dates.

The White Historian's claim that the Great Pyramid in Egypt was built around 2665 B.C. If so, then who occupied Egypt in those times? Well I can tell you that it wasn't any White Peoples. Which is a absolute historical fact. You know? And it also wasn't any Asian Mongoloid-type Peoples either. Nor was it any Middle Eastern-type Peoples either. I meant any Lighter Skinned Middle Eastern Peoples. Now here to complete the proof. Ham, the Son of Noah. Gave-rise to Black Peoples. And his son Mizram. A name which means "Egypt". And all of his descendants populated Egypt. With no outside influence, until the time of the Hyksos invasion. Which occurred between 1600 to 1400 B.C. (depending on who you consult for a historical record). Which I found to be 1628 B.C. !Well. What does that tell you? If the Great Pyramid was allegedly built in 2665 B.C. !Then Mizram's Descendants, who were deficiently a Black Peoples. Built the damn Great Pyramid. !Ha. Now how in the hell can anyone possibly contest something that's so damn obvious? And so damn factual. I guest they're going to say next, how Ham wasn't a Black Person? Which I have already heard one of them say. So according to such ignorance, I guess then, that all of us Black Peoples are not of Ham? And that God is a Liar then? And Moses who wrote the first five books of the Bible is a Liar as well? According to "these" types of so-called White Historian's. Those "LIAR'S". And we Black People just dropped-down here from Space then. I guess? According to them.

Any ways. Enough with "FOOLS". The Pyramids and Mounds mark the location where we as an Ancient Black Peoples, built our great City Centers. Transferring knowledge to the America's, from Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and the Sudan, and from Babylon as well. We were the great Pyramid Builders of the world. As the God Thoth (who was a Black God) over-saw. The building of the Pyramids. Just look at the facts here again. Egypt is a Black Country, and there are Pyramids there. Australia is (or was) a Black Country, and there's Pyramids there. China and Mexico were both founded by Black Races of Peoples as well. And there are Pyramids there as well. And all of these Pyramids I have identified thus far, have  known origins. And we Black People are those peoples. There are also Pyramids in South and Central America as well. And we built all of them as well. Because we were the first people there as well. Then here in the America's, there are Pyramid Mounds scattered all around. We built those also. Which evidence has proven. Just like it did in Egypt.

The site of Teotihuacan in Mexico is one of the most impressive of such Pyramids Sites in the world. One that our people built under the guidance of Thoth. Teotihuacan has many secrets, just like the Giza Pyramids do. An ancient tunnel runs 8 meters below the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan. Which is about 225 meters on a side and 65 meters tall. The tunnel was discovered in the early 1970s, though it was later realized that the Pyramid of the Sun was built as a monument to the tunnel. Or was it? Some believe that tunnels beneath the Pyramid of the Sun are "Muon Collectors". I know different. The entire Pyramid is a Muon Collector. Something I had throughly explained in my other Writings. Which proves that the builders of Teotihuacan possessed a very high knowledge of the Science, and the Cosmos.

Teotihuacan, Mexico

The ancient sacrificial City of Quetzalcotal (Thoth). Were evidence of numerous sacrifices to him was under-covered. The Aztecs were know to have worshiped here. And they were the ones who practiced sacrifice. But they "DID NOT" build any of these Pyramids. And an earlier Race of peoples in Mexico did. And remember that the Olmec's are the Ancestral Race in Mexico. So Teotihuacan is evidence of your past greatness Black Peoples. As they, like I do today. understood the Sacred Geomerty of the Form of the Pyramid. As it relates to our Planet Earth.

Tikal, Guatemala
Is one of many Mayan Sites. It dates back to 9000 years B.C. And it displays the same sophistication as the Great Pyramids in Egypt do. In fact the Maya were known for their accurate Star Knowledge and precision also. And they too were a Black Peoples. And are the descended from the Olmec's.

Cahokia Mounds, Illinois.
Cahokia Mounds are located on the site of what once was a 12th century prosperous city of 30,000 Cahokian Indian People. The city covered 420 acres. The Sacred Mound there suggests that the Cahokian Indians made calendrical observations. Which is seen in many similar Mound, Pyramid, Temple, and Megalithic locations throughout the world as well. Suggesting that these Ancient Peoples were very knowledgeable of the Stars. The Cahokia Mound Builders built Mounds throughout Eastern and the Midwestern America. But the last peoples know to have occupied Cahokia, were not the first peoples there. Because the site dates back to 800 A.D. In the times of the "Mississippian Mound Builder's". Who built Mounds from Wisconsin, to Florida. Ohio to Louisiana. And from North Carolina to Oklahoma and Texas. And are the peoples responsible for build the Great Cahokia Mounds. As well as the Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma. Moundville in Alabama, as well as the Etowah Mounds in Georgia. And these were a Black Peoples as well. Which is proven by the Nubian-type Artifact below. Which was found in a Mississippian Mound. Proving our peoples to be the Great Mound Builders. And were the Mississippian's, the Hopewell, as well as the Adena Mound Builders. And that would account for all of the Mounds found here in North America.

Black Mississippian American Mound Builder                  Black Panamian