By Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.

Shaman's, Priest, Magi. What ever they were labeled as then? They all had one thing in common. They knew of Ancient and Sacred Healing Arts that were passed-down to them. Arts which came in many forms then of course, but not nearly as many as they are today though. As it seems today, having a Fancy Title for ones self, is more important than the Healing Art itself. Or having a Web site that one can boast about, is the highest priority it seems. Which are not at all important to me. What is important is the Ancient Healing Arts themselves. As I am now striving to make a reality in today's medicine. So that they can be fully utilized in the future. And "that" is the utmost importance to me. To preserve Human Kind. Just like our Ancient Ancestors once preserved themselves for hundreds of years. Through knowledge we have long since lost. Well it has been rediscovered today.

All Medicine got it's beginning's from "Egypt". From our Black Egyptian Ancestors. In Egypt with theImhotepian Healing Temples and Schools there. Were Modern, as well as the Sacred Medicine flourished from that point on. As the Ancient Egyptian Sleep Temples were the beginning of today's Sacred and/or Sacral Medicine. As it had spread around the world from there. The Egyptian God "SETI" (who's not the same as SET/SETH) was the God of Egyptian Medicine. One of them anyways. Imhotep was the first Modern Physician. And all of the "Ancient Sacral Medicine" was handed-down to Imhotep from the God Seti. And !this is what was once lost to us. But it's been re-found now, in the form of Magnetic Healing Therapy. And "that" is the Ancient Secret to healing. The Magnetic Forces are.

Medical Research states that, placing the North Pole of a Magnet on any Living Tissue attracts the Positive Electrolytes in your body.  The most common and most plentiful are Hydrogen, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Carbon, and Iron. The Iron Molecule called Hemoglobin works in the body to deliver Oxygen into the Cells and pick up Waste. Placing the North Pole on the skin will accelerate this natural process. Increasing Oxygen promotes natural healing and the Hemoglobin serves as a Garbage Truck and removes the Waste. Thus decreasing edema and inflammation, and swelling. That in turn decreases pain naturally. And when the "Pineal Gland" is bathed in a Magnetic Environment. Oxygen is increased, resulting in an increase in Growth Hormone, Melatonin production and a deeper restorative sleep, "anti-aging", and stress reduction. The Pineal Gland also produces the Melatonin, and is the Brains Core. Having Magnetite within it as well.

Magnetic Energy is merely Weak Electrical Energy. It's the Ghost of Electricity, which is why the two go together. It's all the Energy past (going towards the Radio Wave Ranges) the Near Infra Red Range on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Starting at the 0 Delta Brain Waves. Onto .999 Electron Volts/.999 Mili Volts. That is Magnetic Energy, which is merely Weak Electrical Energy. As "I" have discovered through my scientific research. I also had discovered that the Most Important and the Key Glands in our entire body, are the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland. Well this is nothing new. As the Ancients well knew of this already. That stimulation of these two Glands would give you excellent healing results. As they stimulate; Melotonin, Oxytocin, Somatotropin, Vasopressin, Adrenocorticotropic, and Thyrotropin. But it is the Hormone Melotonin which stimulated the Pituitary Gland. And it is the Most Important Pituitary Gland that controls all Human Body Hormone Functions. The Head itself should be the target of Magnetic Healing. !Right? !Why? It's because the Brain possesses the most important "Pineal Gland" (which is also called the "Third Eye").

The Tiny Cone-Shaped Gland that's situated deep within the middle of the Brain (or Mid Brain), between the two Hemispheres. Within our Reptilian Brain. Which is the key to the "Chakra" System. The Chakra is very complicated. But I'll explain it a bit here. The whole system is connected with the Earth's Electromagnetic Fields. As our Brain's are connected as well. Of course that connection is the Pineal Gland. The Gland then connects each and every Cell in our body. So information from it goes to the rest of our Cells from there. As I have said before, our bodies are actually Antenna's, that receive Electromagnetic Energies from the Earth. As well as from the Cosmos. Our Hair, our Heads, and our Spines are all Receivers. But of course our brain waves are the number one Receivers. As they send out information at the same time they are receiving it. "Two-Way Hertzian Waves" they are.

When we are sleep we are matching the Earth's Core Energy Frequency. As mind and body receives viable Energies from the Mother Earth. And the Earth's Core is Earth's "Heart". As it gives-off the Life Blood of the Planet. Which is our Life Blood as well. So our Human Bodies are only allowing these Earth Energies to flow through them when we sleep. And so this is the basis of the Ancient Healing Techniques as well. As it is the wave of the medical future. As well as our future. And a real and viable "Science" it is. And "NOT" a "Pseudo Science", as many of today's negative-minded, and so-called Medical Professionals might tell you it is. As many Level Minded People have had !enough of today's so-called Medical Professionals. As they so very often prescribe useless, or the wrong medication to Patients. Sometimes to the point, where they can almost kill us. Which they almost did to me before. And it is because of their arrogance and their lack of knowledge, when it comes to healing the body. Because of their out-right "IGNORANCE". Because they fail to, or refuse to, make Alternative Healing Practices available to their Patients. Which should be a Patients "RIGHT" to receive. As many are demanding these days now. The Magnetic Therapy.

Magnetic Fields are a new tool that's available to Patients and Rehabilitation Specialists in the United States. Thanks to the growing demands of Alternative Medicine now. Most everyone today is aware of some of the changes in Medicine today. Especially as it relates to finding cost effective means of providing care and the treating of Ailments. Clinicians in this country found "Magnetic Therapy" a reimbursable medical expense in; Germany, Israel, Japan, and forty-five other countries. And became intrigued with its possibilities for American Health Care. I ask, "What took them so long?" As Magnets are being used more and more. Many which to me, are worthless garbage when it comes to healing. And especially all of those Magnet Bracelets and such. Which are just a marketing scam to me. The Early Manufacturers of the Healing Magnets produced the familiar Magnet with the North and South Bipolar Magnets. Which are not the correct Magnets to use.

Real Magnetic Therapy is not about a bunch of Magnetic Bracelets, Pillows, Shoe Insoles. And all of that other "Useless and Incorrect MAGNETIC CRAP" being sold today. That's "marketing", not "healing". I am a Magnetic Healing Therapist. Please consult with me via E-Mail, on what not to us, versus what to use. I'll give you the truth then. Because the;

Incorrect use of Magnets of any kind can and do cause "Negative Health Effects". Dispite what you might have heard. Incorrect Magnetic Therapy can be dangerous to your health. And/or cause "Negative Health Effects". Do not attempt to use Magnets unless your very sure you know what your doing. Which most people "don't". This is a Very Skilled Healing Art that should be practiced only by Skilled Magnetic Therapist's and/or Skilled Holistic Practitioner's only. If used incorrectly. It will cause more harm than good. I've warned you.

Knowledge of the 7 Major Chakra's is very very ancient. Dating back before our recorded history. Each Chakra is merely a key area of the body thay controls other bodily functions. Like for example, the Heart Chakra. Or the Third Eye or Pineal Gland Chakra. Like all of my information, I will explain these sacred things with "SCIENCE". As I always do. Each Chakra is also associated with a Musical Note or Notes, and a correlating Color. As these colors are the Healing Colors. There are many Healing Colors. Which is nothing more than the fact of our Brain recognizing a particular frequency it remembers, when it sees or hears that particular frequency. As "COLOR" is merely something that our Brain creates anyhow. Meaning that the Brain creates the effect of color for our mind or Visual Senses. Via the same prism and crystal effect that Television uses. As White Light is converted into various colors in our Brain. Baring all of the other scientific verbiage I will end that there.

In reality there are no colors in the Universe. Only White's, Black's, and shades of Gray. As our Earth itself makes the illusion of "Day" for us. When in reality it's only White Light shining through from the Sun. And the Sun itself isn't actually Yellow in COLOR. As our Brain makes it yellow. As it identifies "it" for it's "HEAT" color. Just like we see a Fire as Red in color. As our Brain is recognizing that particular heat frequency. I'm not going to get into the Frequency Spectrum here, because I had already explained it in yet another of my E-Books. But if you understand what I'm getting at here, you can see where I'm going with this. As the color is merely a frequency adjustment for our Brain. And is why many Sacred Healers used colors to heal by. As it's the "FREQUENCY" itself is the importance, not the color. Any ways the Ancient Chakra Healing System use the following key colors to heal by:
Red is the color of Energy, Vitality, and Power. It is used for burning-out Cancer (like how the Red Cheyenne/Chilli Pepper can), drying up weeping sores or wounds, etc... It will also warm cold areas and reduce pain. Red is a powerful healing agent for healing diseases of the Blood and circulation. It will help with depression. Red is not to be used on people with high blood pressure or anxiety though. And if you stay under the red ray too long or are exposed to red for a considerable time it will make you very agitated or even aggressive. It is associated with the male polarity. Red is the color of the "ROOT CHAKRA". With a frequency of 8 and 256 Hertz. 

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the Spine at the Tailbone in back, and the Pubic Bone in front. This center holds the basic needs for survival, security and safety. The Root Chakra is powerfully related to our contact with the Earth Mother, providing us with the ability to be grounded into the Earth Plane. As the "Root Chakra" is our grounding to Mother Earth. As Planet Earth is a "GROUNDED BODY". And is grounded meaning that it's a "NEGATIVE BODY". As the planet is the root of the entire Chakra System, and the "EARTH GRID" is the Chakra System. As our bodies are only tiny parts of this huge system. As our Human Chakra's merely align with the Earth Grid. At the Root Chakra is at the Base of our Spines. As the Spine itself is the Antenna of our Human Body.

As you probably heard me say time and time again. So the base of the Spine is the Ground. And the 7 Chakra's are merely places along the Spine or the Antenna. The places where external frequencies enter into the Spine (or the Antenna) the best. The Root Chakra body parts include the Hips, Legs, Lower Back, and Male Sexual Organs. As the Legs ground us onto this planet Earth. Being merely parts of the Root Chakra. This Chakra is also the center of manifestation. When you are trying to make things happen in the material world, business or material possessions, the "Energy" needed to succeed will come from the first Chakra. If this Chakra is blocked an individual may feel fearful, anxious, insecure, and frustrated. Problems like obesity, anorexia, nervosa, and knee troubles can occur. The other colors used for this Chakra are brown and black.

As the name suggests, the Base Chakra is situated around the base of the Spine in the genital area and its’ energy extends downward, like roots, through the Legs and Feet to contact the Solid Earth below. These imbalances can show themselves in various ways, from sleeplessness and the inability to relax, to obsession with money, possessions or health. Eating is a basic Base Chakra activity, and so eating disorders often indicate imbalance, as do obesity, haemorrhoids and constipation.

It's used to increase immunity, to increase sexual potency, to help in all digestive ailments, Chest and Kidney Diseases. Orange will have a gentle warming effect if used lightly. Orange, like red should not be used for too long. It is not a good color for nervous people or people who are easily agitated. As I said with Red, it's not actually the color Orange that does this, it's the frequency. Which is 9 and 315 Hertz for the color Orange. Orange is the frequency for the "SACRAL CHAKRA". The Second Chakra is often referred to as the Belly or the Sacral Chakra. It is located two inches below the navel and is rooted into the Spine. As all Chakra's are (rooted into the Spine). This particular Chakra Center holds the basic needs for sexuality, creativity, intuition, and self worth. This Chakra is also about friendliness, creativity, and emotions. It governs peoples sense of self worth, as well as their confidence in their own creativity. And their ability to relate to others in an open and friendly way.

If this Chakra is blocked a person may feel emotionally explosive, manipulative, obsessed with thoughts of sex, and/or may lack "Energy". Physical problems may include, Kidney weakness, stiff Lower Back, Constipation, and Muscle Spasms. This Chaka includes the Woman sexual organs, the Kidneys, the Bladder, and the Large Intestines. Situated just below the Navel, the Sacral Chakra corresponds with bodily functions having to do with liquid: circulation, urinary elimination, Female sexuality and reproduction. 

Yellow is the color of intellect and it is used for mental stimulation. It will help you think quicker so it's said. It is good for clearing a foggy head. To help cure Dermatitis and other skin problems. And again it must be used carefully because it is very stimulating and it could cause exhaustion and depression. Yellow's frequency is 10 and 320 Hertz. Yellow's frequency is for the "SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA". It is located two inches below the Breastbone in the center behind the Stomach. The Yellow or Third Chakra is the center of personal power, ego , passions, impulses, anger, and strength.

When the Third Chakra is out of balance you may lack confidence, be confused, worry about what others think, feel that others are controlling your life, and may be depressed. Physical problems may include digestive difficulties, Liver problems, Diabetes, nervous exhaustion, and food allergies. When balanced you may feel cheerful, outgoing, have self-respect, expressive, enjoy taking on new challenges, and have a strong sense of personal power. The body parts for this Chakra include the Stomach, Liver, Gall bladder, Pancreas, and Small Intestines. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra, situated just below the sternum, is where we find the energy to turn the desire from the Sacral Chakra into action. It is our Will. So, the desire could be seen as the fuel for the will, and the Fire in the Solar Plexus is the spark of life that ignites our Mental Will to Action. 

It will balance the emotions and brings about a feeling of calmness. Green is a good general healing color because it stimulates growth therefore it is good for helping heal broken bones. And re-growing tissue of all kinds. Green's frequency is 10.5 to 11 and 341 Hertz. Green represents the "HEART CHAKRA". It's located behind the Breast Bone in front and on the Spine, between the Shoulder Blades in back. This is the center for love, compassion and spirituality. This center directs one's ability to love themselves and others, to give and to receive love. This is also the Chakra connecting body and mind with Spirit.

When this Chakra is out of balance you may feel sorry for yourself, paranoid, indecisive, afraid of letting go, afraid of getting hurt, or unworthy of love. Physical illnesses include Heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia, and difficult in breathing. When this Chakra is balanced you may feel compassionate, friendly, empathetic, desire to nurture others and see the good in everyone. The Body Parts for the Fourth/Heart Chakra include the Heart (of course), the Lungs, the Circulatory System, the Shoulders, Arms, and the Upper Back. The main message of the Heart Chakra is that of balance and interconnection between self-love and love for others.

Blue is the color of Electricity. Blue is the color of truth, serenity and harmony, by helping to soothe the mind. Blue is good for cooling, calming, reconstructing and protecting. Blue will help feverish conditions, it will also help stop bleeding, and it will help with nervous irritations. And it's very good for burns. Too much blue could leave you cold, depressed and sorrowful though. Blues frequency is 12 and 384 Hertz. It represents the "THROAT CHAKRA". It is located in the "V" of the Collarbone at the Lower Neck, and is the center of communication, sound, and expression of creativity, via thought, speech, and writing.

The Throat is where anger is stored and finally let-go of. And when this Chakra is out of balance you may want to hold back, feel timid, be quiet, feel weak, or cant express your thoughts. Physical illnesses include, hyperthyroid, skin irritations, Ear infections, sore Throat, inflammations, and Back pain. When this Chakra is balanced you may feel balanced, centered, musically or artistically inspired. And may be a good speaker. The Body Parts for the Fifth Chakra are Throat, Neck, Teeth, Ears, and the Thyroid Gland. This Chakre Energy Center is all about communication, which is essential for genuine interaction with others. Communication is not only about talking, it is a two way street that incorporates listening as well.

Purple is a color that will connect you with your "Spiritual Self". It is good for mental and nervous problems. It will assist very well with rheumatism and Epilepsy. Helps with pain, is used in deep tissue work, and helps heal the Bones. Too much purple and you might feet that you simply do not live in this world. Purple's frequency is 13 and 448 Hertz. Purple or Indigo represents the "THIRD EYE CHAKRA". Which is the "PINEAL GLAND".
It is located above the physical Eyes on the center of the Forehead. This is the center for psychic ability and higher intuition. It also assists in the purification of negative tendencies and in the elimination of selfish attitudes. Through the power of the Sixth Chakra, you can receive guidance, channel, and tune into your Higher Self. However when this Chakra is not balanced you may feel non-assertive, afraid of success, and very egotistical. Physical symptoms may include headaches, blurred vision, blindness, and eyestrain. When this Chakra is balanced, you are your own master with no fear of death, are not attached to material things. And may also experience telepathy, astral travel, as well as past lives and other clairvoyance's. Sixth Chakra body parts include the Eyes, the Face, the Brain, the Lymphatic and Endocrine Systems. The colors are Purple, Indigo, and Dark Blue.

The Third Eye Chakra, located just above the centre point between the Eyebrows. It spins extremely fast, and is associated with the color Indigo. It is the centre of visual, psychic and intuitive perception, and its’ attributes are clairvoyance, memory, dreams and vision. So we are now in the realms of the intangible.

Lavender is the color of equilibrium, it helps with spiritual healing. The Violet Flame is supposedly charged with the so-called "Light of Divine Freedom". It is used to burn off karma from other lifetimes on all levels. It's frequency is 15 and 480 Hertz. Representing the "CROWN CHAKRA". Which is for the Brains Neocortex. It allows for the inward flow of wisdom, and brings the gift of cosmic consciousness. This is also the center of connection with the God, the place where life animates the physical body. As the Soul comes into the body through the Crown at birth, and leaves from the Crown at death. Because the "Soul" or "Spirit" resides within the Brains Neocortex, and not the bodies Heart.

When this Chakra is unbalanced there may be a constant sense of frustration then, no spark of joy, and destructive feelings (like suicidal feelings). Illnesses may also include migraine headaches and depression. Balanced Energy in this Chakra may include the ability to open up to the Divine and total access to the unconscious and subconscious. The main colors for the Chakra are Lavender/Violet, and white. This Chakra is a great protection system, as it only allows us to receive information that we are physically and emotionally capable of dealing with. As we develop and progress in our spirituality, more and more information filters through, giving us a greater awareness, but rarely are we able to see the full universal picture then.

Now here is a table of the effected Chakra Body Parts and/or Organs:

ROOT - Legs, Hips, Lower Back, Male Sexual Organ.
SACRAL - Kidneys, Bladder, Large Intestine, Female Sexual Organ. 
SOLAR PLEXUS - Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Small Intestine.
HEART - Heart, Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, Upper Back, Circulatory System.
THROAT - Throat, Neck, Teeth, Ears, Thyroid Gland. 
THIRD EYE - Lower Brain, Eyes, Face, Lymphatic and Endocrine Systems. 
CROWN - Brain Neo Cortex (Upper Brain) . 
Root Red 8,   256  Do (Ut) Alpha
Sacral Orange  9,   315 Re Alpha
Solar Plexus Yellow 10,   320 Mi/Me  Alpha
Heart Green  11.5,   341 Fa  Alpha
Throat Blue 12,   384 Soe (Sol)  Alpha
Third Eye Purple & Indigo 13,   448 A La  Alpha
Crown Lavender / Violet  15,   480  Ti Beta
Using my table above you can tune your own Chakra System. Start by tuning-up your Root Chakra by playing or humming the musical note "C", in the "Diatonic Scale". But whilst you are relaxed and in the "Alpha Brain Wave" state. All whilst your visualizing the color "RED". Then do the same for the other Chakra's, using their correlating Musical Notes and Colors. But for the Crown Chakra, you must be in the Beta Brain Wave State. In a non-relaxed, and a more excited state. So that your Brain Waves can extend-out. Your Working Brain Waves as I so dub them here. Because these are the Brain Waves that can do external work. As they can and do connect with external physical objects, as well as to the Brain Waves of other's. But you don't have to be too excited in order to tune the Crown Chakra. Since your only attempting to achieve 15 Hertz here. Use Color Cards for each Chakra, and simply think of the color of the Chakra, whilst you repeat the note over and over again. As you will be transferring the Vibrational Energies quicker that way.

The Root Chakra is located at the Base of the Spine, at the Coccyx or Tailbone of the Back. The Sacral or Belly Chakra is rooted in the Spinal Column at the First Lumbar Vertebra. The Solar Plexus Chakra is location is at the Eighth Thoracic Vertebra. The Heart Chakra is located at the First Thoracic Vertebra. The Throat Chakra is located in the Third Cervical Vertebra's at the back of the Spine at the Base of the Skull. The Third Eye Chakra is at the First Cervical Vertebra of the Spine at the back. The Crown Chakra is located on the Brain itself. The Brain which tops the Spine, and is the "CROWN" of the Spine. Also the top of the Spinal Antenna. As all of this Chakra Knowledge that the so- called Ascended Masters so gave us, is nothing more than the Spinal Antenna Knowledge, as it connects with the Earth Grid. As I have so discovered the strongest connection we as Human's, have with the Earth.

As the Human Spine is this connection. Which is a connector for the Human Body between the Earth as well as the Heavens (or Cosmos). As the Earthly Spinal Connector is the Chakra Root. From the hips down to the feet. That is our Earthly or Negatively Grounded connection. While our Brain is our Spiritual, Cosmic, or Heavenly connection. Being more positive in electrical nature, than negative. The Spine serves as an Antenna relaying the chemical and electrical signals at the Synapse to the Cell Body. As that explains the reason for the Chakra's then. As it was all Ancient Wisdom which made us aware of the Chakra's. Now here I'm explaining it all with "SCIENCE". As the Calcium in the Bone of the Spine, carries Electrical Impulses. As well as the Salt Water in the Spinal Sinal Disc's. And of course the Nerves. As I had also discovered that the Human Spines acts as a "Isoptropic Radiator Antenna". But the Brain which tops the Spine, is the Main Antenna Receiver and Transmitter. As we are both Receivers and Transmitters alike.

Now I have hear all sorts of so-called Priest, Monks, and other So-called Experts, say how the Chakra's were "this" and "that". Calling the "ELECTRICAL ENERGY" they are related to as; Ascension Energy, Divine, Radiant, Prana, Ki, Kundalini, Chi, Holy Essence etc... Which to me is all a bunch of "Bull S#@!" to me. And is merely verbiage a person uses to cover-up their lack of "scientific" knowledge and lack of understanding of these Chakra's. As I'm speaking of the Ancients as well. As the Knowledge of the Chakra's (the practical knowledge, not the scientific knowledge), was passed-down. Today you have Buddhist Monks and other such so-called experts. Running off to Retreats, claiming to know all there is to know of the Chakra's. Yet you rarely (if ever) hear them explain the Chakra's as I do. Why is that? It's because they do not understand them as I do, and they only claim to. Just like Holy Men in Church, claim to be the closest to God himself. And we know that isn't the truth either. Claiming to have healing powers and such. As I said above. "Bull S#@!". In order to be a Sacred Human Healer. As they claim to be. You'll have to have 50 or more Magnetic Gauss flowing from your hands and body. The Average Human nearly has .5 Gauss. If that. So it is "IMPOSSIBLE" to have that much Magnetic Gauss. Unless your "GOD", or "CHRIST"? But I'm not about to get into that here.

Now to more of my "SCIENTIFIC" explanation of the Chakra's and the Spine. The Spine which is the object and the key to the entire Chakra System. The Antenna. An Antenna that broadcasts whilst we are in the Brain's Beta Wave State. Then it receives when we are in the other (Alpha, Theta, and Delta) Brain Wave States. The Broadcasting side uses our bodies Electrical Energy. While the Receiving side replenishes it. So what does that tell you then? That we must be in the receiving mode in order to heal peoples. And that is the relaxing state. And it is also why meditation is so important in the healing process. In order to gain even more Healing Energies for the Heart Chakra, hold-out your arms and hands in a "Christ-like" fashion. Since the Arms are connected to the Heart Chakra. As this will assist the Spinal Antenna. It will because the Energy sought is from the Earth Atmosphere.
We don't have to look very far, but to look around us. All we need is already here. And our Planet Earth and the Cosmos already provides it for us. I'll tell you more later. Now this.

Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.  Magnetic Therapist





Please note that Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. The Said Magnetic Healing Therapist. Do not have, nor do he require, any License to practice Magnetic Healing Therapy. As per the State of Colorado currently. As there are currently no Specific Licensing Programs for the various forms of "Alternative Medicine" in the State. Which includes his Magnetic Healing Therapy. Mr. McCoy as a Rare-Earth Magnetic Therapist. Magnetic Therapist Holistic Practitioner. Those which are his advertised titles. He who has been practicing Magnetic Therapy since 2006 here in Colorado. His Practice which proceeds any Future Colorado Regulations or Laws that could be imposed to govern and/or regulate it.

Also note that, if Clients use only their own and/or Private "out of pocket" Funds to pay for service. No Certification or License is required, for any "In-Home" or "Out-of-Home" Services by Mr. McCoy. With that said. Mr. McCoy "DO NOT" and "WILL NOT" accept any Medicaid or Medicare payment/s. Or any other Health Care Payments for his services. And only the Clients "out of pocket" or simular payments will be accepted by him.

The agreed fee for services being $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars U.S.) per hour for his services. Payments which will not be paid to him until he gets proven results for the Said Client who signed below. Such proven results which will include the "felling of physical well being" from the Said Client. Which also defines as the Clients "positive feeling/s" after a healing session. And of Physical Feeling. As well as proven Ex-Rays of the Clients Cancer/s and/or Tumor/s, loss or stoppage/s.  And/or Ex-Rays of the Said Clients Sports and/or Sports Related Injury. After the healing session. And/or after several healing sessions.

Mr. McCoy. The Said Magnetic Therapist. Who'll agreed to provide "only 1" of such free healing sessions before the Said Client is required to make payment. Mr. McCoy who'll then require the payment of $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars U.S.) after the end of the 2nd healing session. With no exceptions. Then $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars U.S.) each recurring healing session thereafter.

Note that prior to any Appointment in your home, a Quiet and Safe Atmosphere must be achieved. With no distractions from others during your In-Home Appointment. No children, friends, etc... No one else should be present during your Appointment except yourself. Because this is your "Personal Appointment", not theirs. Mr. McCoy does not perform Therapy on Pregnant Women. Since Strong Magnetic Forces can interfere with the Fetus. And he also does not preform Magnetic Therapy of Young Children below the age of 10. Also he does not perform Group Healing. And only 1 Client per Appointment will be allowed by him.

Also the Area you choose to have your In-Home Appointment in must be free of all the following items in the Table below here. As Mr. McCoy will introduce Powerful Magnetic Forces in that Area once he arrives. If you cannot provide a Quiet and Safe Atmosphere with no distractions from others during your In-Home Appointment. Then he will arrange one in his home for you then. As per his choosing. He will decide or not if your appointment will be in his home or not.

Credit Cards Watches, Jewelry Computer Disks Zip Drives Pace Makers
Video Tapes Televisions Hearing Devices Stereos Video Camera's
Clocks Cellular Phones Digital Camera's Computers Audio Tapes
Human Infants Small Metal-Objects Battery devices Batteries Eye Glasses
Defibrillators Insulin Pumps Nicotine Patch's Medication Patch's Pets of all kind
Any Kitchen Tablewear and Other Items of all kind that's magnetic
Any and all Magnetic Items

During the appointment. All and/or any of these above items should be kept at least 4-6 feet away once he introduce Powerful "Magnetic Forces" into that particular Area. Any damage to, and/or personal injury or "death". Caused by the Said Magnet Therapist "Magnetic Forces". Due to the Said Clients negligence. They who "did not" strictly follow the previous instructions. "Shall not" be the fault of Mr. McCoy (the Magnetic Therapist). He "shall not" be held responsible for such then or thereafter.


The Said Client is also aware, and acknowledge that they "CANNOT" receive any of the said services, if they are PREGNANT. And also if they are wearing, or wear any; HEARING DEVICE, DEFIBRILLATOR, INSULIN PUMP, NICOTINE PATCH/S, MEDICATIONS PATCH/ES, STEROIDS, and Other SPORTS ENHANCING MEDICATIONS. And/or any HEART PACE MAKER, or SIMILAR DEVICE And/or if they have any OPEN AND BLEEDING WOMBS. And/or if they have taken SLEEPING PILLS within the pat 24 hours. And also if Said Client have been prior aware of, and informed of, their impending "DEATH" to come. Due to an Ailment, Illness, and/or condition. By an Approved Medical Professional. As their later death cannot then be blamed on the said Magnetic Therapist "Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.". It will not be his fault.

The Said Client will also inform Mr. McCoy (the Said Magnetic Therapist) if they have any METAL DENTAL WORK such as Metal Filling. And/or have received a Localized CORTISONE INJECTION in the past 2-3 weeks. Also if they have Metallic Strips after a Surgical Operation inside of their body. Or if they also have Convulsions. Have open wounds or during the period of menstruation. If they had just had a meal, or one and half hour following a meal. Have placed a Magnet on their head for a period exceeding 48 hours prior to Magnetic Therapy. Failure to inform Mr. McCoy of these things, could result of injury to their person. This I the Said Client acknowledge here and now, and I will take full responsibility, should I not inform Mr. McCoy prior. 

I the Said Client am also fully aware, that if I should conceal such information, then become physically damaged because of it. Or my Fetus and/or Unborn Child due to my deliberate concealment of such Grave and Important Facts. It will be no fault to the Said Therapist above. Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. And he shall not be held liable for such damages then. Also acknowledging that this Document shall cover the Said Therapist "Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.", for all future and Recurring Appointments with me. Either on or in my Home, my Business, and/or my Recreational Premises. His Premises. Or any other Premises. Regardless of the location. I the Said Client fully understand all of the above, and Prior Information. And I also deem myself as "FULLY MENTALLY COMPETENT" before signing here below. And the Said Therapist can indeed refuse me his services if he so feels that I am indeed concealing information of any of the above Grave and Important Facts.

And I the Said Client accept the Terms and the Fees for such said services above. And also waive any rights to bring suit against the Said Magnetic Therapist "Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr." For "any" claimed Damages. Property and/or Liability. By so signing I the Said Client have waived any such rights. I also acknowledge all of the said instructions prior. And if I fail to adherent to them, it will be none other than my own fault if I should do so. And I the Said Client am also responsible for all damages to property and any such liability claims from others immediately in the Magnetic Therapy Appointment Area. Who should not of course be there in the first place, as said by Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. prior. As said prior in this Information Sheet.

I, ___________________________________________________ have read and acknowledge (agree to) all of the previous Information.

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 FULL SIGNATURE                                                               DATE

FULL HOME ADDRESS                                                                                                                                                              TELEPHONE NUMBER AND/OR E-MAIL ADDRESS

I witnessed the above acknowledgment on the above/said date.
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